Case Studies


Finding the right product for the problem

Go behind the scenes and learn how and why PROSOCO products were used to solve problems, save time, money and resources. 

What a Living Building is Made of - R.W. Kern Center Case Study 

R.W. Kern Center - What a Living Building is Made of

"The Living Building Challenge is inspired by this vision that buildings can give more than they take from the world." - Greg Norris


Finding the right paint stripper, even in Southern California

Commercial painting contractor discovers a product to save time and labor and keep his crew safe in a market with stringent regulatory requirements and tight job margins.



A Crisis Averted at the Silverton Condos

What laid behind the walls of the four-story, wood-framed Silverton Condominiums in Silver Spring, Md., was the stuff of nightmares for building owners and contractors everywhere.




It's You. Us. The Project.

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