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Regardless of your project type or scale, we're working to put retrofit within reach for you. We've got the people you trust, the products you can rely on, and the support you need to restore existing buildings while making them energy-efficient, durable, healthy and safe.

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retrofits = benefits.

Retrofits can be good for the environment, the economy, and your bottom line.


Good for the Environment

"Sensible retrofits and renovations (are) an extremely impactful strategy in reducing global carbon emissions from the building sector."

Daniel Overbey, AIA, NCARB, LEED Fellow, WELL AP, Director of Sustainability for Browning Day


Good for the Economy

"There are 5 million+ commercial buildings in the U.S. consisting of 72 billion sq ft of floor space. Cost-effective retrofit potential remains for over 80% of these buildings."

Kermit Baker, Chief Economist for the AIA

Helping historic buildings weather modern times

Historic Preservation

As a project team tackled a new use for the historic Downtown Station of the U.S. Post Office Fort Worth in Texas, a specialized cleaning solution helped revive the special significance of this landmark for the outlying community.



PROSOCO products used:
766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash
Limestone & Masonry Afterwash

Blower door tests to meet code

Deep Energy Retrofits

If you're retrofitting a building to increase its energy efficiency, a blower door test is the tool you will use to measure success.

PROSOCO R-Guard products for an energy-efficient building envelope:
Joint & Seam Filler
Cat 5

Architecture students rehab concrete floor

Floor Rehabilitation

A group of KU architecture students spent their spring break renovating a building on campus and transforming a "rough" concrete floor into a polished yet matte finished surface.


PROSOCO products used:
Consolideck LS
Consolideck LS/CS

Kevin Sigourney
Vice President of Brand Integrity

"Custom-engineered retrofits can save you millions."

On four leaky apartment buildings in Seattle, our innovative window repair technique saved owners an average of $2.2 million.

Revitalizing an urban cityscape

Exterior Cleaning

Adaptive reuse projects are redefining and revitalizing downtowns across North America. In Cleveland, the Halle Building was transformed from a department store into high-end apartments, and the update included an exterior cleaning of heavy atmospheric staining. 

PROSOCO products used:

Brightening & securing cityscapes across the nation


Facade Stabilization

Downtown Chicago's Wrigley Building was cleaned with PROSOCO masonry restoration cleaners and pinned with PROSOCO anchors.

PROSOCO products used:
PROSOCO Restoration Anchors
PROSOCO Masonry Restoration Cleaners


Project team averts crisis on 6-year-old condo

Additions, Tie-Ins & Reclads

When a 6-year-old condominium building near D.C. began to leak, a project team quickly assembled a strategy to strip, properly waterproof and reclad the structure.

PROSOCO products used:
Joint & Seam Filler
Cat 5



"Retrofits are overtaking new construction in many sectors. Why? The U.S. population is not growing so we don’t need as many new facilities. There is an increased emphasis on... upgrading our current building stock rather than tearing facilities down and replacing them."

- Kermit Baker, Chief Economist for the AIA

Retrofits = benefits

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