Polished concrete training from Consolideck

We all know that polishing a concrete floor is not always an easy and straightforward process. Each floor is different, each job is different, and you are constantly thinking on your feet. Your knowledge and your crew's knowledge of the polishing process is a key ingredient to a great looking floor and a happy client. That is why PROSOCO is partnering with industry leaders across the county to bring you some of the best polished concrete training available.

Stay tuned for more events to be announced soon!  

Air Barrier training from R-Guard

In our endless pursuit to help simplify the jobs of our customers, we’ve achieved another first. Our new training program for R-Guard air barrier products is the first of its kind to achieve validation from the Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute. Sign up for this training with confidence that you'll not only learn how to use R-Guard products effectively, the training also meets all requirements set forth by the SWR Institute.

Stay tuned for more events to be announced soon!