Guide to Blower Door Testing

Blower door tests are becoming more common and are even mandated by code in some parts of the country. 


10 Steps for Conducting a Blower Door Test

Blower door testing is crucial to preserving indoor air quality (IAQ) and avoiding issues like mold, static electricity and energy waste. If you're ready to begin but not sure where to start, read our practical step-by-step guide of instructions.

what you need to know


Sean Harris, building science consultant and home performance tester for Positive Energy in Austin, Texas, shares how and when you should get a blower door test to measure leakage and maximize your building enclosure's energy efficiency.

Ask the Expert: How do I pass a blower door test?

Part of Denali Jones's job is conducting blower door tests for clients and helping project teams achieve their energy goals on buildings. He has completed hundreds over his career and he knows what it takes to meet the energy-based standards of airtightness in a building envelope.

Blower door tests: learn the basics

Are you just beginning the process of measuring airflow with a blower door test? We've got the basics you need.

Blower door test passed on the first try


Rainy weather was rendered a non-factor for Oregon’s Karuna House, causing zero delays as the crew used a fluid-applied air barrier on damp plywood. The air barrier installation on this Passive House residential project went faster than planned and took less manpower than expected.


The system you need for the best results.