Veteran’s revival

ReVive helps give fallen war veterans the recognition they deserve.

We love to see photos from customers of how our products help beautify and restore buildings and masonry structures, especially before-and-after pictures. So we were thankful to receive a note and photographs from Ken McKay Jr., a volunteer dedicated to preserving a small piece of American history.

McKay's passion for history and genealogy led him to create the North Shore Cemetery Preservation Project in Massachusetts to "keep alive the memory of soldiers' past through recording information... photographing and transcribing headstones... and giving these veterans long forgotten the dignified recognition they deserve for generations forward to see."

McKay's non-profit uses PROSOCO's Enviro Klean ReVive to restore these headstones. You could say he's pleased with the results. He writes, "Any preservationist's motto is, 'Do no harm,' and your product falls right in line with that. (ReVive) allows us to restore dignity and honor to our veterans long since gone."

"The pictures are proof positive that ReVive is a miracle product and has far exceeded any expectations I ever had. I recommend and endorse using ReVive to private cemeteries in the cleaning and restoration of their headstones every chance I get."

Check out these incredible before-and-after photos from McKay:

ReVive is specially formulated to remove mold, mildew and atmospheric staining and soiling from stone, concrete and brick masonry, and it's commonly recommended for headstone restorations. It's also safe for use around landscaping and grass, it's non-fuming and low-odor and it requires no neutralization so it's simple to apply with a brush, roller or coarse spray. Once applied, let the product dwell on the headstone for 2 to 3 minutes before scrubbing the headstone with a non-metallic, short-fibered scrub brush to loosen soiling. The application is completed with a rinse of clean water from bottom to top. Subsequent applications may be necessary for severe soiling.

Users may also notice it could take several days, even weeks, for the full cleaning effect to be realized post-application. For more detailed application instructions, dilution rates and more, read our Product Data Sheet


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