Joint & Seam Filler

Fiber reinforced fill coat and seam treatment

  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-29oz-cartridge
  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-application-on-outside-corner
  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-on-gypsum-sheathing
  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-29oz-cartridge
  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-application-on-outside-corner
  • Joint-and-Seam-Filler-on-gypsum-sheathing

Joint & Seam Filler

Fiber reinforced fill coat and seam treatment


Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff, Air & Water Barrier Customer Support

  • Streamlines preparation by eliminating the need for joint reinforcing tapes.
  • Solvent-free. Isocyanate-free. Phthalate-free. Complies with all VOC regulations.
  • Bonds and cures in wet weather and on damp substrates. Tolerates rain immediately after application.
  • Silane functional polymer provides superior long-term adhesion, crack filling and weathering characteristics.
  • SHELF LIFE1 year in tightly sealed, unopened container
  • VOC CONTENT30 g/L maximum
  • FORMviscous paste, mild odor pale red color
  • PHNot-applicable
  • COVERAGE RATE 60.5–93.5 lineal feet per 29-oz tube, 38.5–60.5 lineal feet per 20-oz sausage.
  • WT/GAL11.8 lbs
  • AVAILABLE SIZES 29-oz tubes, 20-oz sausages


R-Guard Joint & Seam Filler is a gun-grade crack and joint filler, adhesive and detailing compound that combines the best of silicone and polyurethane properties. This single-component, fiber-reinforced, silyl-terminated polymer (STP) is easy to gun, spread and tool. Use Joint & Seam Filler to fill openings and create transitions where flexible reinforcement is required to bridge larger gaps and provide continuous support of fluid-applied flashing membranes, waterproofing or air barrier components.


Suitable for all climates, Joint & Seam Filler bonds directly to damp or dry surfaces and cures under a variety of weather conditions. It dramatically reduces surface preparation time by eliminating the need for reinforcing tapes at sheathing joints, inside and outside corners. Use Joint & Seam Filler as part of a continuous, building-wide air barrier system, or to prepare surfaces for conventional waterproofing or air barrier components.


Joint & Seam Filler may also be used to repair cracks or fill voids after the primary R-Guard air barrier has been applied.



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Joint & Seam Filler receives Declare label from International Living Future Institute

Seven PROSOCO products have received Declare labels from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), an achievement which further demonstrates PROSOCO’s commitment to materials transparency.