Stitch-Tie Asymmetric

Dual-diameter helical anchor for harder backup material

Stitch-Tie Asymmetric

Dual-diameter helical anchor for harder backup material


  • Simple installation with minimal disturbance; Self-taps directly into a small pilot hole drilled into the substrate.
  • Helical design ensures continuous grip.
  • Color-coded for quick and easy installation.
  • Installs with rotary hammer and appropriate setting tools.

Step 1
Drill the pilot holes through both leaves to required depth and diameter.


Step 2
Insert the installation tool into an SDS rotary hammer drill, then place the Stitch-Tie® Asymmetric Wall Tie into the installation tool.


Step 3
Drive the Stitch-Tie® Asymmetric Wall Tie into the internal leaf to the required depth ensuring the tie is fully recessed to the external leaf below the face of the masonry.


Step 4
Repair the surface with matching mortar


The Stitch-Tie Asymmetric is used when connecting a soft external substrate to harder internal walls. The Stitch-Tie Asymmetric features one end with a smaller diameter (2”-3”) to embed into harder back-up material. The 8-mm or 10-mm helical outer diameter on the other end is designed to engage with softer masonry veneer material. The result provides an optimum tension capacity for the connection. This is important because concrete back-up density and hardness can restrict entry of 8-mm or 10-mm diameter helical ties. A larger pilot hole would usually be required. By concurrently enlarging the veneer pilot hole, a capacity reduction in the veneer portion of the anchorage can occur. PROSOCO recommends a mock-up installation at the site to establish the need for Stitch-Tie Asymmetric. At that time, development of an optimum pilot hole size can be established.



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