Concrete Patch-Tie

Anchors damaged concrete to patching material

  • set of two Concrete Patch Tie
  • set of two Concrete Patch Tie

Concrete Patch-Tie

Anchors damaged concrete to patching material


  • No epoxies or adhesives required, and no waiting time to install patch material.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Spiral shape provides excellent bonding capabilities and a threaded connection to base material.
  • Positive connection and length for most patching applications.




The Concrete Patch-Tie is a stainless steel, helical-shaped anchor that provides a non-corrosive mechanical connection between damaged concrete and patching material. The Concrete Patch-Tie is 8-mm in diameter and manufactured of type 304 stainless steel. It is available in 3-inch lengths. The thread pitch is 0.79 threads per inch, and cross-sectional area is 0016 square inches. Typical yield is 108,000 psi and tensile of 128,000 psi. The minimum embedment is 1-3/4-inch in the concrete sub-strata, which provides a 1-1/4-inch embedment for the patching material.

Jeff Scarpelli
Products Engineer - Anchoring Systems



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