Stitch-Tie Bar

Provides reinforcement in mortar joints and dutchmen

Stitch-Tie Bar

Provides reinforcement in mortar joints and dutchmen


  • No special skills required to install.
  • Top cover of matching mortar can be applied immediately after grout and bar installation.
  • Bars can be embedded in non-linear joints.
  • Offers a permanent repair that eliminates the need to rebuild a masonry wall.


The Stitch-Tie Bar is used to repair cracked masonry and can provide reinforcement to create structural beams from existing brick veneers. The bars are manufactured of Type 304 stainless steel (Type 316 available upon request). The Stitch-Tie Bar and SureGrout provide excellent bonding characteristics within the masonry. When used together, Stitch-Tie Bar offer a superb combination of axial strength and flexibility, which helps absorb further localized stress. They are installed in existing mortar bed joints that have had mortar removed to accommodate the bar and grout material.


Step 1
Grind away existing mortar, 20” minimum on each side of crack, 1-1/2”-2” deep. Clean with water.


Step 2
Apply a bead of SureGrout at the base of the ground joint.


Step 3
Insert Stitch-Tie® Bar into bead of SureGrout.


Step 4
Apply second/third bead of SureGrout over Stitch-Tie® Bar, and compact with appropriate trowel.

Jeff Scarpelli
Product Support - Anchoring Systems



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