Facade-Tie System

Anchors existing veneers to interior wood or steel studs

Facade-Tie System

Anchors existing veneers to interior wood or steel studs

The PROSOCO Facade-Tie System enables exterior masonry facades to be re-attached from the interior of structures. This eliminates any exterior hole drilling, mortar patch matching, or costly scaffolding expenses. This makes the Facade-Tie Bracket ideal for fortifying masonry veneer during remodeling, build-outs or basic building renovations.

  • No exterior holes to drill or patch; no exterior scaffolding needed; no brick removal; no weather delays.
  • Anchors are concealed connections once dry wall is installed.
  • Bracket is easy and fast to install to the stud with supplied fasteners.
  • Any or all fastener passages can be sealed with a compatible sealant.


With the Facade-Tie System, façades of brick, stone, block, precast, etc., can be re-attached from the interior of the structure. The interior re-connection process eliminates the need for exterior scaffolding and keeps the outer surface of the veneer from being compromised by drilled holes and resulting aesthetic concerns. The easy-to-install bracket system operates via mechanical connections and is made of corrosion-resistant materials for long-term durability. It is available in a stainless steel option for connections in aggressive, caustic air environments, and a galvanized option suited for galvanized steel studs and interior applications.


Leah Bristol
Product Support Specialist



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