Karuna House dubbed “world’s greenest”

This ambitious project aimed to achieve Passive House, Minergie-P-ECO and LEED for Homes Platinum.

It began with a goal so ambitious, it had never before been achieved.

FastFlash on Karuna HouseThe Karuna House in Yamhill County, Ore., designed by Holst Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand, aimed to earn three green building certifications, each demanding in its own right — Passive House (PHIUS+), Minergie-P-ECO and LEED for Homes Platinum.

With the help of PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® air and waterproof barrier products, the Karuna House has now received all three certifications and been dubbed the“world’s greenest” house.

Energy efficiency is central to any green certification. Karuna House is covering that bet with PROSOCO’s R-GUARD FastFlash air and waterproof barrier system, installed by builders Hammer & Hand, Portland.

With a margin for error of virtually nil in the house’s air barrier, Hammer & Hand also applied PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® Cat 5 liquid-applied membrane everywhere, from the roof and parapets to the undersides of cantilevered decks.

For more on the construction of the Karuna House, check out this series of videos from Hammer & Hand on installing the PROSOCO R-GUARD® air and waterproof barrier system or visit the Green Journey blog.