R-Guard Installation Detail
Termination at Grade - Stucco

wood construction with plywood/OSB sheathing

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*Note: Below-grade waterproofing should be in place prior to application of an R-Guard membrane. Transition interface should be cleaned prior to air barrier application.



Install non-gassing polyethylene foam backer rod (SofRod) into joint at foundation-to-wall interface. Apply enough Joint & Seam Filler to sufficiently fill the joint to allow for tooling of excess sealant onto the sheathing and the foundation waterproofing. Apply FastFlash to transition from foundation waterproofing approximately 2 inches on either side. DO NOT spread product beyond the flange edge of the weep screed.



Roller or spray apply the selected PROSOCO's Primary Air & Water Resistive Barrier over cured sealant and onto sheathing board in preparation to install weep screed. Seal top of vertical flange with a bead of Joint & Seam Filler or FastFlash and tool smooth.



Install paper-backed metal lath in preparation for the scratch coat application of stucco.

Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff
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