R-Guard Installation Detail
Open Joint one Inch and Smaller

metal studs with gypsum sheathing/OSB sheathing/plywood

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Limit the size of the deflection joint to no more than 1 inch in width for FastFlash use. Reference 12.3 for deflection joints greater than 1 inch.



Apply PorousPrep over raw edge of sheathing board. Install non-gassing polyethylene foam backer rod into joint opening in preparation to receive Joint & Seam Filler. Apply Joint & Seam Filler into opening, over-filling the joint to provide enough material to tool excess on both sides of the joint, about 1 inch on either side.



After Joint & Seam Filler has skinned over, apply a 4-inch-wide application of FastFlash banding over the Joint & Seam Filler in a bridge-joint configuration.



After FastFlash has skinned over, apply the selected PROSOCO Primary Air & Water Resistive Barrier over entire joint.

Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff
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