PROSOCO celebrates 80 years: Poised for growth into the 2010s

As additional opportunities cropped up, PROSOCO has been well-positioned to take advantage, when and where they make strategic sense.

FastFlash, the cornerstone of PROSOCO’s R-Guard line, became an official component of two systems from worldwide mega-brands in construction – DensElement, created by Georgia-Pacific, in 2016, and the CavityComplete wall system championed by Owens Corning in 2017.

Most recently, in April 2019, PROSOCO acquired Construction Tie Products (CTP), a move that diverges from chemicals but continues to complement PROSOCO’s portfolio of products to support healthy, durable buildings.

These high-quality masonry wall ties and restoration anchors enable contractors to return failing buildings to functional status by stabilizing masonry walls. 

“Higher and higher performance expectations are emerging for masonry assemblies, new and old,” Boyer said. “This acquisition rounds out our suite of products needed for a complete energy retrofit of an existing building – masonry anchors and ties for wall stabilization; R-Guard air and water barriers for the building envelope; Sure Klean cleaners and protective treatments for the masonry facade; and Consolideck products for recently cast or newly exposed interior concrete flooring.”