Heavy Duty Sock Anchor

Grout-Injection Sock Anchoring system to repair and strengthen masonry

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Heavy Duty Sock Anchor

Grout-Injection Sock Anchoring system to repair and strengthen masonry

The Heavy Duty Sock Anchor system is a fully engineered technical solution for strengthening masonry and repairing cracked or delaminated stonework. It is available in standard and custom lengths to cater for any job, the Heavy Duty Sock Anchor system stabilizes and secures all types of masonry, with minimal disruption, to ensure a strong, durable and flexible repair.


The Heavy Duty Sock Anchor are very easy to install. Simply drill your hole using an SDS Max Drill, core bits or diamond drills. Clean the holes, screw the blanking plug into the end anchor and push the anchor into the drilled hole, connecting the anchors to the desired length. Screw the pipe onto the end, mix the grout, put it into a pneumatic gun and fill the anchor. Once the grout milk is seen running from the hole, stop the pumping and let it relax for a few minutes. Clamp the pipe and remove the gun. Leave for at least an hour, then remove the pipe and clamp.


Kelly Morris
Product Specialist - Anchoring Systems

Heavy Duty Sock Anchor


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