R-Guard Installation Detail

Rough Opening

wood construction with plywood/OSB sheathing

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Apply FastFlash to all inside corners, joints and seams, and framing surfaces within the rough opening at a minimum of 12 mils.



Apply FastFlash over the framing inside the rough opening and the structural wall surrounding the rough opening. Use a dry joint knife, trowel or chipper brush to spread the wet product to create a seamless flashing membrane which protects the rough opening and extends a minimum of 4 inches over the face of the structural wall. Apply additional FastFlash as needed to create an opaque, monolithic flashing membrane free of voids or pinholes.



Apply the selected R-Guard air and water-resistive barrier over the prepared sheathing at a minimum of 1" overlap of FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler with PROSOCO's primary air and water resistive barrier.

Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff
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