Spring is here! (Even if it doesn’t feel like it yet)

Do you have the spring-cleaning bug yet? Whether you are cleaning all the dirt and debris left behind by winter or sealing a patio to make it look better and last longer, we've got a solution for you.

Here are our top 3 go-to cleaners and protective treatments for spring-cleaning


Cleaner #1: Light Duty Concrete Cleaner

Light Duty Concrete Cleaner is a top-seller for good reason. It's a great general-purpose, non-etching acidic cleaner that removes rust, mud, atmospheric dirt, mortar smears and other stains without altering the surface texture. Look how well it removed rust from this newly poured concrete in Savannah, Ga. 

Cleaner #2: 2010 All Surface Cleaner

Don't take it from us. Bill Mologousis, president of Pressure Washing Systems in Chicago, says: "We use 2010 more than anything else because it’s so environmentally friendly and it does a great job on most masonry, especially brick masonry." 

Cleaner #3: Oil & Grease Stain Remover

This stuff is so easy to use that I used it in my own garage at home. For even the toughest oil stains, just pour it, let it dry, and then scrape up the dried poultice, which draws out the oil as it dries. It works on pavers, concrete, stone and other porous surfaces.  

Protective Treatment #1: Siloxane PD

Mike Dickey calls this the "Kleenex of vertical protective treatments." If it's not a household name for you yet, it should be! This pre-diluted solution is ready to protect concrete, most masonry substrates and stucco without impairing surfaces' natural breathability. Help masonry resist cracking, spalling, staining and other damage related to water intrusion in 1 easy step.

Protective Treatment #2: Natural Stone Treatment WB

One-component and easy-to-use, Natural Stone Treatment WB is popular because it's economical and it works on limestone, marble and travertine, as well as adjacent masonry like concrete and brick. It delivers the same performance as solvent-based products without the drawbacks of traditional water-based treatments. One application will help the surface resist penetration of water-based stains and atmospheric and biological soiling.

Protective Treatment #3: Saltguard WB

Javi Aqui wears a lot of hats for PROSOCO, including demonstrations of how easy it is to apply Saltguard WB. Get up to 10 years of protection against the damaging effects of the salt that goes down on so many surfaces in the winter.