R-Guard Installation Detail
Vertical Expansion at Dissimilar Substrate Greater than 1” Wide

wood construction with plywood or OSB sheathing

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Surfaces must be clean of any type of contamination which impair adhesion of the SureSpan Adhesive to the structural substrate. Cleaning must be done on the same day on which the SureSpan Adhesive is applied. Place non-gassing polyethylene foam backer rod into joint opening. This will support and protect the SureSpan EX as it is working in movement conditions (i.e. expansion/contraction/shear).


Apply a 3/8-inch bead of SureSpan Adhesive on both sides of the joint. The 3/8-inch bead will spread to a width of 1/2 inch (minimum 20 mils thick). Sealant coverage may vary depending on the porosity or texture of substrate.



Place the SureSpan EX into the wet sealant using hand pressure to adequately spread the SureSpan Adhesive onto the extrusion. Small adjustments to the placement of the SureSpan EX may be done at this time, but lifting and re-seating should be avoided and may result in needing additional SureSpan Adhesive installed to fully engage the extrusion into the wet sealant. Use a small roller such as a laminate roller to apply sufficient pressure to set the SureSpan Adhesive.



Prior to tooling the excess SureSpan Adhesive alongside the extrusion, gun an additional 1/4-inch bead of SureSpan Adhesive to smooth out and counterflash the exposed edge of the extrusion 3/4 of an inch. Tool excessive sealant immediately.

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