R-Guard Installation Detail
Inside Corner Detail

SS ThruWall Flashing

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Install the preformed outside corner by applying FastFlash on to cast-in-place (CIP) haunch footer. Set the preformed outside corner into wet FastFlash to secure to the CIP structure.



Prior to installation of SS ThruWall flashing, install FastFlash on the horizontal ledge of the CIP footer and over the preformed corner to secure the flashing to the structure. At the outside corner overlap condition of SS ThruWall, remove the vertical folded sheet area to accommodate the placement installation and sealant bead detailing to seal the interface between the flashing sheets and preformed corner.



Install SS ThruWall onto the CIP haunch footer by wet-setting flashing into the FastFlash. In order for the flashing to be adequately bonded to the structure, roll over the flashing to set into wet FastFlash with a laminate roller.



Seal vertical/horizontal edges with FastFlash. Tool joint interface smooth.

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