R-Guard Installation Detail
Roof-To-Wall Transition – Parapet Wall Face

CMU/cast-in-place concrete wall construction

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Apply FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler down the center of the structural member. Wet-set the wood blocking. Mechanically fasten the wood blocking. Spot the head of all fasteners that penetrate the wood blocking. Allow to skin over.



Apply FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler to the joint between the wood blocking and the top of the wall. Use a dry trowel or spatula to tool and seal the joint. Create a profile that directs bulk water away from the joint. Allow to skin over.



To protect the parapet and to transition the air and water barrier to the roofing plane, apply and spread sufficient FastFlash to cover all exposed surfaces of the wood blocking.



Apply FastFlash in a zig-zag pattern immediately beneath the wood blocking on both faces of the parapet. Spread the wet product to create a seamless flashing membrane which covers the wood blocking and extends a minimum 1 inch down front faces of the parapet. FastFlash will overlap the air- and water-resistive barrier.



Apply additional FastFlash as needed to create an opaque, monolithic flashing membrane free of voids or pinholes.

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