PROSOCO celebrates 80 years: Restoring strength to damaged buildings

By the 1980s, PROSOCO had been involved in restoration cleaning of historic masonry for decades.  Such cleaning efforts often reveal the damaging effects of acid rain and other weathering influences that take place over decades of exposure. Several restoration architects and consultants that PROSOCO had worked with asked if something could be done to restore some strength and weather resistance to newly cleaned historic masonry. 

That prompted PROSOCO to reach out to experts in Europe that had been developing new types of products to consolidate and protect severely weathered, natural stone. 

Based on European technology, PROSOCO introduced its line of Conservare masonry preservation products in 1982. These products represented the most advanced international developments in consolidation and weatherproofing of historic masonry.

The launch of Conservare products expanded PROSOCO’s reach into the masonry restoration and conservation market in North America, and rounded out its portfolio of products and laboratory testing services expressly developed for the benefit of historic masonry.