PROSOCO celebrates 80 years: A better mousetrap for concrete floors

A deep understanding of the chemical nature of building materials and how they interact with one another has kept PROSOCO on the upside of the growth chart for decades. 

In the early 2000s, PROSOCO was among the first to introduce lithium-silicate densifiers to the ground and polished concrete flooring market – a new foray for the company.

Over the next 20 years, PROSOCO’s Consolideck line of concrete flooring products would grow to include concrete dyes, integral colors for concrete overlays, a range of densifiers, dustproofers, cleaners, protective treatments and floor maintenance products. But at that time, the market was just learning about lithium-silicate technology for concrete floor densification.

Laboratory tests at PROSOCO had confirmed its potential. 

“In the concrete side of the construction chemicals industry, people had long taken artistic license with performance claims they were making,” Boyer said. “PROSOCO doesn’t do that. We began by identifying the vulnerabilities of finished concrete flooring and determining what available chemistries could provide benefits. Through extensive testing, we proved that, in terms of densifying Portland cement concrete, lithium silicate is a better mousetrap.”

By the early 2000s, the construction industry was ready for this new technology. Polished concrete flooring had shifted from a black and white engineering decision to be covered up with carpet or tile, to an architectural preference as the finished – sometimes decorated - interior flooring surface in commercial, retail and residential spaces. 

“That put finished concrete flooring in our playing field,” Boyer said. “PROSOCO can effectively reach an architectural audience. We understand the chemistry and how to improve concrete’s appearance and performance.”

“We also brought a good understanding of what it takes to clean and prepare concrete for grinding and polishing, how best to impart lasting color, what protective penetrants and coatings were needed to protect finished concrete from damage or discoloration in high traffic areas. Finally, we understood the importance of properly maintaining concrete, before the polish walks off.

“Polished concrete shifted from a black and white engineering decision to an architectural preference.”

- David Boyer

This knowledge enabled PROSOCO to develop a full range of surface preparation, processing, decoration, protection and maintenance chemicals developed expressly for the demands of a rapidly growing nationwide inventory of finished concrete floors. 

Many competitors had resorted to relabeling protective films and maintenance cleaners from other industry segments. PROSOCO didn’t.

“We developed the current Consolideck range of products from the ground up with the specific demands and challenges of finished concrete in mind,” Boyer said. “That’s the PROSOCO way.”