CTP MAD 2000

Provides stability and longitudinal freedom for expansion movement

CTP MAD 2000

Provides stability and longitudinal freedom for expansion movement

The CTP MAD 2000 allows for expansion of clay masonry, and shrinkage of concrete or concrete masonry. Adaptable for steel framing connection, this device bridges vertical expansion joints and provides collateral stability of adjoining walls while providing longitudinal freedom for in-plane expansion movement.

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  • Provides more than 300 pounds of shear resistance.
  • Adaptable for connection to steel framing and can be applied on building exteriors.
  • Connecting rods have protective sleeves to avoid mortar buildup and prevent impediments of telescoping action.
  • Excellent anchorage for parking garage masonry walls or other types of walls that react to significant live-load deflection and require stability.


When constructing the masonry wall, the CTP MAD 2000 sleeves are embedded in the mortar of the bed joint or the CMU grout. The mortar then keys through manufactured openings to create a solid connection to the masonry. Two connecting rods are spaced with flexible plastic tubing to allow for telescoping movement. The flexible plastic tubing ensures expansion via properly spaced sleeves and the prevention of mortar build-up during construction. The CTP MAD 2000 sleeves can be embedded in masonry bed joints or fastened to existing construction. These sleeves do not require on-site fabrication or sash grooves. They can be added to existing walls if expansion joints are required.


Vertical Expansion Joints in New Walls

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Intersecting Solid Masonry Walls


Steel or Concrete Frame Construction


Construction of New to Existing Walls


Connection to Slabs or Spandrel Beams


Intersecting CMU Walls – Hollow Masonry Units

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