Adjustable Speed Set Veneer-Tie

Ties new brick veneers to existing masonry structures

Adjustable Speed Set Veneer-Tie

Ties new brick veneers to existing masonry structures

The PROSOCO Adjustable Speed Set Veneer-Tie, formerly called CTP 5801 Veneer Tie, is a high-strength brick tie to attach a new veneer to an existing masonry or concrete wall. Compatible with nearly any cavity wall combination, with or without insulation, the Adjustable Speed Set Veneer-Tie can eliminate common problems associated with self-tapping anchors such as thread-stripping, questionable clamping force and performance sensitivity to hole size.

  • Pre-assembled and ready to install with the appropriate anchor.
  • Available in stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized options.
  • Provides maximum practical vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Channel-shaped base plate provides strength and adjustability.


The CTP 5801 Veneer Tie system can be installed in many types of masonry where new facades are being added, including brick, block, concrete, tile and stone. The fastener is fitted to the slotted base plate, allowing adjustment of the tie-up to one course of brick. It then is embedded in the mortar joint of the new brick veneer. Both tie and plate come in stainless steel finishes and are packaged with the recommended brass anchor assembly.

Mike Brennan

CTP 5801 Veneer Tie




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