Grip-Tie 501 Setting Tool

Installs Grip-Ties series 5000, 5100, 5100S and 5300

Grip-Tie 501 Setting Tool

Installs Grip-Ties series 5000, 5100, 5100S and 5300

The PROSOCO Grip-Tie 501 Setting Tool, formerly called CTP 501 Setting Tool, is a reliable setting tool for mechanical repair anchoring that can be hand-held or wrench-driven. Made with high-quality, zinc-plated components, the tool can be used with either Grip-Tie or Stone Grip-Tie anchors.

  • Lightweight and zinc-plated for protection against corrosion.
  • T-shaped handle provides ergonomic grip for torque transfer.
  • Features durable steel construction and can be used with screw guns.
  • Hex head finish for socket attachment to install or test torque.


The CTP 501 Setting Tool consists of zinc-plated quality components that enable efficient and saf installation of mechanical repair anchors. The lightweight tool can be used with either Grip Tie or Stone Grip Anchors. The anchors' activation is torque-dependent. The 501 series of setting tools have years of design experience and recognized performance of achieving torque-induced loads. Its length prevents anchors from being installed which are too short for the application. The hex drive provides a mechanical means for attachment in lieu of hand-held use. It also allows for measuring the torque for quality control purposes.


Colleen Peters
Anchor Systems Product Support

CTP 501 Setting Tool




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