Concrete floors that last the life of a building

By choosing Consolideck®, you're making the best decision for the longevity of your concrete floors and building. Consolideck floors are the most durable, long-lasting and resilient in the industry.

They aren't no-maintenance. No flooring option is. But finished concrete floors remain the lowest-maintenance flooring option out there. And they’re two to three times cheaper to maintain than any other flooring alternative. With the right maintenance plan in place, your floors can last the life of your building.

Below you'll find some guidelines for keeping your Consolideck floor in peak condition, from routine cleaning to stain removal. In addition, many PROSOCO applicators offer maintenance services including periodic inspection, training maintenance staff, refreshment or improvement of gloss, remedial cleaning and stain removal, and application or re-application of protective treatments.

In one week, 1,000 people can track 1.8 lbs of dirt onto your floor.


Consolideck Maintenance Manual


The frequency of maintenance depends on the appearance you want and the performance you demand.

If your highly polished floor gets thousands of visitors daily, you’ll need to clean, refresh and revitalize more often than the owner of a steel-troweled floor in a warehouse.

Our network of PROSOCO Concrete Flooring Specialists is here to help you keep the appearance you want given your floor’s workload. Regular monitoring of the floor provides feedback on how your maintenance program is doing.

In general, for maintenance practices, we recommend the following schedule:

Maintenance Manual chart 1


Mop or auto-scrub

Dilute DailyKlean or LSKlean as recommended with clean water in an auto-scrubber with light head pressure. Choose a soft cleaning pad based on pad manufacturer recommendations.

Use a mop for hard-to-reach areas or if you don’t have an auto-scrubber. Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners on Consolideck floors.


Gloss levels on Consolideck floors are affected by many factors, including traffic, spills, inadequate or improper cleaning, and abrasives like dirt and sand tracked in from outside.
A refresh restores your floor’s original shine. Simply run a dry, high-speed burnisher over a floor protected with LSGuard or PolishGuard.


Reapplying a Consolideck protective treatment can revitalize high-traffic areas, although it also can be used on the entire floor. Routine applications will maintain your floor’s protection and gloss levels.

Another bonus: Consolideck protective treatments can be re-applied without having to strip away the old coat.

PROSOCO Customer Care and Concrete Flooring Specialists can help you determine which Consolideck protective treatment is best for your floors.

EPA Safer Choice

Safer Choice: LSKlean and DailyKlean earn EPA label

Acidic stain on concrete


Do you have a weird spill or stain? Here's how to clean it



Immediately clean with fresh water or DailyKlean*. Acids will etch concrete if not removed quickly.


Remove quickly for best results. Scrape what you can off the surface. Remove residue with Wax & Cure Remover*+.


Cleaner/Degreaser* diluted 1:10 with light scrubbing gets rid of most stains.


Remove from the floor. Clean sticky residue with DailyKlean*.


Cleaner/Degreaser* with scrubbing takes off most tire marks.


Burnishing gets rid of most water spots quickly on floors previously treated with a guard. If needed, dilute LSGuard* 1:1 with water and lightly mist the surface before burnishing to refresh gloss.

ALKALINE STAINS (laundry soap, ammonia, etc.)

Clean with DailyKlean* while still fresh to minimize most stains. LSGuard* will refresh the gloss.


ReVive* removes biological staining.


Remove tape with a razor blade. Be careful not to scratch the surface. Wax & Cure Remover* or acetone+ will take off adhesive residue.


Auto-scrubbing with DailyKlean* removes the residue.


Most shoe marks can be easily removed by rubbing with DailyKlean*.


Cleaning with Cleaner/Degreaser* diluted 1:10 while still fresh helps prevent most stains. Oil & Grease Stain Remover* will pull out set-in stains. Deep-set stains may take more than one application.

Oil stain on concrete



When your PROSOCO applicator installed your floor, it was designed to meet your expectations for gloss, hardness and durability.

How long should your floor meet those expectations? For as long as you take care of it. Just to be on the safe side, though, inspect and evaluate your floor regularly in the same way it was when it was new.

If the floor results meet or exceed the expectations set when the floor was new -- congratulations! You’re doing a great job. If the floor doesn’t meet those expectations, consider tweaking your maintenance program. Under-performing floors can often be improved by cleaning, refreshing and revitalizing more often.

As always, our Concrete Flooring Specialists are here to make sure your maintenance program is customized appropriately to meet the particular needs and demands of your floor. We are here for a free consultation at 800-255-4255.


Finished concrete floors are reactive surfaces. They require cleaners tailored for their specific needs.