Ask a contractor: What’s your favorite project?

We asked Frank Halsey, president of Mid-Continental Restoration, about his all-time favorite project.

“Union Station, without a doubt,” he says. “Back in 1996 when we started, it was an empty shell that had been sitting for 20 years. We had been brought in a few times to prepare a budget and scopes of work for different developers that were going to do something with it. For 3 or 4 years, that went on. Then when the Science City group decided to develop it, we had the opportunity to go in and work with them on the interior and exterior masonry restoration. My vision was always to be able to do projects like that, and to be able to work on any building in the country and be considered qualified to do it. We followed the Union Station project with the Liberty Memorial project. It was an exciting 5-year period."

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Back on track: A story of revival for Kansas City’s Union Station

Kansas City, Mo. | 1994   The sounds of trains and travelers had died away. The vast lobby and cavernous waiting room were silent but for the occasional echo of pigeons and the furtive skittering of rats. The enormous arched windows stared lightlessly at the city which had once revolved[…]

Kansas City’s Union Station was also one of the projects that cemented Halsey’s relationship with long-time PROSOCO rep Mike Dickey and other veteran employees of the company.

“I’ve known Mike Dickey forever,” he says. “My earliest memory of PROSOCO dates back to the 80s I would guess. I’ve known David Boyer (president and CEO) for 30 years. In fact, one of the things I tell people is that I was in Lake Tahoe for an SWRI conference, and David Boyer was in the back seat. We were going to dinner and he was talking about the whole air barrier concept. Listening to him talk chemistry was so far over my head. One of the things I tell people at our managers meeting is there’s no better way to get better at what you do than to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Another name that goes way back is Dwayne Fuhlhage. He’s been there forever, and I used to reach out to him to get products or ask technical questions.”


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Midwest modest

Frank Halsey, president of Mid-Continental Restoration, has fascinating stories to tell about his life and career spent restoring old buildings. Just don't try to give him any credit. The thing about ego is it's actually pretty dull and predictable. It's ubiquitous, unoriginal. It offers so little, so few new stories[…]