World of Concrete in rewind

A look back at the 2017 World of Concrete

World of Concrete in rewind

World of Concrete 2017 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center last month, and, once again, PROSOCO was there to showcase our latest products, technologies and our specially formulated solutions to make floors, masonry, walls and buildings look nicer and last longer. In addition to having a booth the last 30+ years, this year we conducted several educational seminars targeted for the concrete world. With that in mind, here are my top three take-aways from World of Concrete 2017.

 1. Innovation in diamond tooling/machine choice

Advances in diamond tooling technology by manufacturers within the concrete flooring industry are helping concrete polishers be prepared for any type of job that they come across. Machine choice, no matter if propane or electric, radio-controlled or walk-behind, is important for the end-user and there were a ton a great machines on display and being demonstrated at World of Concrete. I was impressed at each of the demonstrations I saw in the Silver Lot, not only by the quality of a polished surface that was able to be achieved, but also by the variety of prep tooling that removed mastic, epoxy coatings and other materials that cause problems for contractors, all without causing too much damage to the concrete or by exposing more aggregate than may be desired.

 2. Education and panel discussions better the industry

Back in my days as a contractor, I attended every training opportunity that I could, and as my work schedule allowed. One of the great things about World of Concrete is the large variety of education and training sessions that are put on by different companies and organizations in one place. Panel discussions on the upcoming silica dust exposure rule changes, hands-on training to improve skills in the decorative concrete realm, and discussions showing the success of sustainable flooring in the retail space all contribute to advancing the concrete flooring industry as a whole. It was great to see people of all experience levels attending the various trainings and discussions throughout the week.

3. Chemical manufacturers make their case

The chemicals used in concrete flooring are perhaps the most important thing outside of machine and diamond choice. Competition among the various chemical manufacturers is important; it fuels innovation and the creation of more environmentally friendly, better performing products. World of Concrete allows for all of these manufacturers to gather in one spot and make their case directly to the consumer. The outdoor Silver Lot was the best place for contractors looking for the right concrete chemicals to solve their challenges. Live product demonstrations were conducted daily, allowing those unfamiliar with a particular product to see its application and have any of their questions and concerns addressed. Literature and speaking with someone at an inside booth can only tell so much; seeing a product in action can make all the difference.