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We built it together.

Our buildings are more than reflections of their place in time, a collection of readily available materials and architectural styles and regional influences. Each one also reflects thousands of decisions, problems solved and connections made by people. In every building is a story of the people who built it.


We consider ourselves fortunate to work in the construction industry. But construction is also lucky to have all of us, from developers and designers to builders, makers and consultants. Some of the smartest, most innovative and creative minds have chosen to work in this field. Just look at the artistic beauty and architectural variety of our buildings and the methods that have been developed to keep them functional over hundreds of years. Look at the technologies and scientific advancements that have vastly improved the levels of comfort and energy efficiency that today we expect from the spaces we inhabit.


We think it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the stories of buildings and the people who love to build them. We hope you find the profiles below relatable, inspiring, curious, innovative, provocative, and sharable! Browse through our profiles below. We will continue to add and grow to our collection each week.

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We Built It Together

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