The leading edge continues to be covered by FastFlash

FastFlash is the first fluid-applied flashing to be evaluated and approved by the International Code Council Evaluation Service.

FastFlash has racked up yet another industry first – it’s the first fluid-applied flashing included in an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) from the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The organization, a third party that conducts technical assessments of building materials, now qualifies FastFlash under its Acceptance Criteria 148 for flexible flashing materials.

When a product is listed in an evaluation report from the ICC-ES, it gives code officials, designers, specifiers and consultants assurance that the product has been independently tested and confirmed to meet code requirements for buildings.

“We constantly hear from construction specifiers and other professionals about the frustrations of vetting building materials in the construction industry,” said Dave Pennington, leader of PROSOCO’s building envelope business unit. “They’re looking for a signal from a trusted entity that a product meets building codes, and an ESR from ICC-ES does that. We hope that FastFlash’s inclusion in Acceptance Criteria 148 will eliminate one hassle from the material-vetting process for construction specifiers and other professionals looking for code-compliant materials.” 

This inclusion means that FastFlash has been tested for adhesion to various substrates, nail sealability, UV aging, elevated temperature exposure, thermal cycling, crack bridging, water immersion and water vapor transmission.

R-Guard FastFlash is a fluid-applied liquid flashing membrane that seamlessly provides watertight and air barrier performance. Unlike competitive products, FastFlash can be applied to damp substrates and in rainy conditions, reducing downtime on a tight project schedule. It’s also the only fluid-applied flashing on the market with 10 years of verified performance.

FastFlash performance standards are listed in the Evaluation Service Report, which confirms that FastFlash complies with current code requirements.

FastFlash complies with ASTM C 794, ASTM D 1970, AAMA 714, ASTM C 1305, ASTM C 297, ICC-ES AC212, ASTM D 2247, ASTM E 331 and AATCC 127.

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