R-GUARD Project Profile – Trailridge Middle School

A contractor tells it like it is

Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors, Kansas City, recently applied one of our air & water barrier systems on the under-construction Trail Ridge Middle School, not too far away. 

That was great news for us in Marketing, because it meant we could grab some photos and video of our products being installed. We don’t get that chance too often. When we do learn about projects, they’re often in other states.

We get what we can from our reps in the field, but they don’t always have the time or skills to get us professional-grade imagery for our ads, newsletters, videos and other marketing products. So we were excited to get this chance. Stephen Falls, our photographer and graphic artist; and John Young, our multimedia and video specialist headed to the job site. They found Shane Peden of Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors applying the products. On this job, he used gun-and-spread R-GUARD Joint & Seam Filler and FastFlash to detail rough openings and other penetrations in the CMU back-up wall.

Then he sprayed and backrolled a 10 mil layer of R-GUARD MVP (Maximum Vapor Permeability) primary air & water resistive barrier onto the CMU backup. I know, MVP sounds like “Most Valuable Player.” It’s just a coincidence.

These fluid-applied products are alternatives — some might say improvements — for other products that have application issues like overspray or being complicated and time-consuming.

So along with getting some video footage, while John had Shane on camera, he asked Shane how he liked using the MVP, FastFlash and Joint & Seam Filler. Boy did John get an earful!

I’ve long harped on how easy these products are to apply. I’ve used them myself on a window replacement at my own house, and NO ONE is less of a DIYer than me. But you don’t have to take my word for it, now. Here’s a field professional who has used our products AND the other companies’ products telling it like it is.