PROSOCO water repellent verified LBC-compliant

PROSOCO's Sure Klean Siloxane PD has been verified as compliant with the Living Building Challenge 2.0 and 3.0 Materials Petal Red Lists.

This verification means that the water repellent coating does not contain intentionally added chemicals present on the Red List.

In addition, PROSOCO has certified that Siloxane PD complies with all known architectural coating and sealant regulations, including the CARB 2007 SCM, SCAQMD Rule 1113 and SCAQMD Rule 314.

Protecting and restoring the aesthetic value of masonry structures is part of our DNA at PROSOCO. For decades, our cleaners and protective treatments have been used on high-value buildings such as state capitols, historic landmarks and emblematic structures recognizable around the world.

“PROSOCO introduced modern, penetrating sealers to the U.S. market,” said Dwayne Fuhlhage, sustainability and environment director for PROSOCO. “Brick and natural stone masonry are intrinsically durable, but they are subject to the long-term ravages of moisture and time. We hope this latest Red List review helps to increase available tools for the Living Building Challenge community.”

PROSOCO is an enterprising sponsor of the International Living Future Institute, which administers the Living Building Challenge as its flagship program for deep systemic change.


About the Living Building Challenge

The Living Building Challenge is the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation of building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature’s architecture. To be certified under the Challenge, projects must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements over a minimum of 12 months of continuous occupancy.



Based in Lawrence, Kan., PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete; making building envelopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings. We strive to provide innovative products and services that improve the appearance and performance of our built environment. We support our customers in every way we know how through our commitment to you, us and the project.