PROSOCO celebrates 80 years: Gaining trust from the industry

Following trends in the construction industry from the sidelines is not enough to achieve the kind of success that PROSOCO pursues. You also need access to the industry’s leading professionals.

“The number of leading design and construction professionals that we engage with during early design phases grows each year,” said David Boyer, President and CEO. “People recognize our expertise in responsibly cleaning and protecting masonry of all types. Many solicit our advice on material selection, as well as products and procedures to incorporate into their final project specifications.”

“We earned that reputation because PROSOCO was either first or among the first companies to develop products for every facet of the industries we work in. We were genuine about the way we approached each challenge. We evaluated thousands of samples and freely share the results, good or bad, of testing we do.

Over the course of time and generations, we’ve earned a level of trust. People realize, ‘Hey these guys take this seriously. They’re going to a deeper level.’ That’s what causes them to reach out and see what PROSOCO has to say.”

“You go in our laboratory right now and you’ll see samples from many states in the contiguous 48 to Europe to other parts of the world.”