Managing Project-Specific Details –Real-time Collaboration Between the Design Professional and Product Specialists


A depiction and analysis of unusual and problematic detailing conditions from specific projects that go beyond use of a manufacturer's standard details for common conditions. This shows how fluid-applied flashing and detailing products rather than peel & stick membranes can be successfully used to handle particularly challenging conditions and how designers can interact with manufacturers to obtain this detailing support.


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how architectural drawings are sometimes lacking in structure amenable to waterproofing and air-barrier detailing.
  2. Demonstrate how simple modifications can greatly enhance constructability and detailing to prevent water intrusion and air leakage.
  3. Show how to draw air/water barrier details to facilitate the use of fluid-applied products rather than self-adhered membranes and building wrap.
  4. Explain how to work with manufacturers to optimize the preparation of details for implementation by contractors

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