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Masonry Cleaning & Protecting

New Construction Cleaning brochure

New Construction brochure

Full listings and descriptions of the industry's best products for removing excess mortar and other common job site soiling and stains from newly built concrete, brick and stone architecture. READ MORE


Protective Treatments brochure

protective treatments brochureprotective treatments

Comprehensive and lavishly illustrated brochure details PROSOCO's many protective treatments, from air & water barriers to stain- and water-repellents for concrete and masonry. READ MORE


Restoration Cleaning brochure

protective treatments brochurerestoration brochure

From cleaners for removing 100 years or more of heavy carbon staining from sensitive stone fabrics, to consolidation treatments to strengthen that stone, this brochure lists all PROSOCO's restoration treatments for "turning back the hands of time. READ MORE


Guide to Common Brick Staining

protective treatments brochureguide to common brick staining

4 page brochure detailing six common brick stains and giving product recommendations for their removal. READ MORE


16 Spots for Sustainable Schools

protective treatments brochure16 sports for sustainable schools

16 places where construction pros can make schools perform better and last longer. READ MORE

Air & Water Barriers

R-Guard Folder

R-Guard folder

This colorful folder is jammed with information about products, procedures and other important air & water barrier facts -- and that's before you put anything in it. A convenient pocket holds flyers, product data sheets and other extras to make this item a premier information resource. READ MORE


R-Guard brochure

protective treatments brochureR-Guard brochure

This brochure details products, procedures and proper sequencing for successful installation of PROSOCO R-Guard Air & Water Barrier products. READ MORE


Fast Flash for window retrofits

protective treatments brochurer-guard retrofit

This brochure shows how the Fast Flash system is faster, easier, and tougher than peel-&-sticks in retrofit applications. READ MORE


Living Building: Seattle's Bullitt Center

protective treatments brochureBullitt Center

The Bullitt Center is aiming to be the greenest commercial building on earth and when it came to an air and waterproof barrier, the Bullitt Center chose FastFlash. READ MORE


TECH NOTE: Glass-Mat Sheathing

The differences in surface texture of various glass-mat sheathings can create a significant difference in the coverage rate of an applied product. It is vital for everyone involved in the bidding and application process to understand these differences. READ MORE

Concrete Flooring

Consolideck Folder

Large brochure covering the entire Consolideck product line.  READ MORE


GemTone Stain color chart

protective treatments brochure

Full page flyer showing all available colors of GemTone Stain. READ MORE


ColorHard color chart

protective treatments brochureConsolideck ColorHard color chart

One page flyer showing all available ColorHard colors. READ MORE


Consolideck Owner's Manual

protective treatments brochure

4 page owner's manual for Consolideck floors. READ MORE


Consolideck Tri-fold

Easy to read 2-page guide that separates the Consolideck concrete flooring product line by maintenance, protection, preparation & decorative. READ MORE


Three Steps for Weatherproofing concrete flatwork

3 steps to waterproofing concrete flatwork

This brochure shows how to Weatherproof concrete flatwork in three easy steps. This is perfect for weatherproofing bridges, parking desks, parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. READ MORE