Enhancing Masonry’s Durability


The Science Behind Siloxane PD

Masonry is a cornerstone of architectural design that provides both aesthetic beauty and structural integrity to buildings. However, its exposure to environmental factors, especially water, can lead to deterioration over time. Protect masonry for 10+ years with PROSOCO's Siloxane PD, which offers an advanced solution to this challenge, leveraging the science of chemistry to improve the longevity and resilience of masonry structures. 

Water Repellency and Breathability: A Balancing Act 

Siloxane PD is a water-based silane/siloxane blend designed to penetrate masonry surfaces deeply, offering long-lasting protection against water intrusion. The product's formulation strikes a perfect balance between repelling external water and allowing the masonry to "breathe." This breathability is crucial as it prevents moisture from being trapped within the substrate, which can lead to cracking, spalling, and staining.  

Scientifically Proven Performance  

The effectiveness of Siloxane PD is backed by rigorous scientific testing, including ASTM standards for water absorption reduction in various masonry materials such as mortar and brick. The product's performance on a wide range of substrates is noteworthy, with significant reductions in water absorption observed. This not only validates its efficacy but also underscores its role in extending the life of masonry work.

The Chemistry of Protection 

Siloxane PD's water repellency can be attributed to its silane/siloxane chemistry, which provides a hydrophobic layer upon application. This layer prevents water molecules from penetrating the substrate while allowing vapor transmission, ensuring the substrate remains dry and less susceptible to damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, efflorescence, and biological growth. The product's low VOC content and water-based formulation further minimize environmental and health impacts, aligning with modern sustainable construction practices. Siloxane PD is VOC-compliant nationwide.  

Application Versatility 

Formulated as a ready-to-use, cloudy white liquid, Siloxane PD is easy to apply on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, without the need for on-site dilution. It's suitable for a variety of substrates including concrete, most masonry, and stucco surfaces. However, it is advised to test the product on a small area first to ensure compatibility, especially with substrates not explicitly recommended. 

Advantages for Specific Masonry Types 

Architectural Concrete and Precast Panels: Siloxane PD provides a durable water-repellent surface, enhancing resistance to environmental degradation while maintaining the concrete's natural appearance and breathability. 

Fired Clay Brick: It significantly reduces water absorption, protecting against common issues like efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. 

Stucco Surfaces: Its penetration depth ensures long-term protection, preserving the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of stucco finishes. 

Considerations and Limitations 

While Siloxane PD is a robust solution for many masonry applications, it is not suitable for all substrates. Its application on limestone, marble, travertine, or other calcareous stones is not recommended due to potential adverse reactions. 

Siloxane PD offers a quick and easy solution to enhance the durability and extend the life of masonry structures. By providing deep penetration, long-lasting protection, and maintaining the natural breathability of substrates, it is an essential tool for architects, builders, facility managers and homeowners seeking to safeguard masonry structures against the elements. 

protect clay brick, terra cotta, concrete, manufactured stone, stucco and sandstone

Siloxane PD is your go-to safeguard for long-lasting masonry protection. 

  • Protect masonry for 10+ years
  • Breathable
  • Ready-to-use
  • Dry to the touch in 1 hour
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