Dave Pennington, 1966-2023

As we navigate through the ebb and flow of our professional lives, the impact of those we work alongside is profound. Today, we at PROSOCO find ourselves reflecting on the loss of not just a colleague, but a dear friend, whose presence was a cornerstone in our journey as a company.

Dave Pennington passed away on Friday, Dec. 8, following a courageous battle against cancer. Dave is survived by his wife, Beth, and daughters, Morgan and Avery. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Dave’s family.

Many knew Dave for his leadership of PROSOCO’s R-Guard Building Envelope Group, but he started his career in the building industry more than 30 years ago with SSI in Dallas, Texas. After 18 years and several roles with SSI, Dave came to work for PROSOCO, where he spent 13 years as a Regional Sales Manager and Business Unit Leader for R-Guard.

Dave’s contribution to PROSOCO was immeasurable. He was not just an employee but a pioneer, constantly asking how we could push the boundaries of what we could achieve. Whether it was through developing new products, enhancing our service delivery, or simply being a supportive presence in the industry, Dave left an indelible mark on our company.

This loss is deeply felt across the entire PROSOCO family. It resonates in the halls of our Lawrence, Kan., headquarters; in the field, where our products and services come to life; on a variety of boards and committees of industry organizations like ABBA and SEAL; at group dinners of our national sales meetings; on countless fishing trips; at Texas barbecue competitions (where his smoked meats achieved a reputation of great fame and anticipation); the list goes on and on. We remember Dave’s passion for our mission to inspire and empower others to build better, his unwavering belief in the importance of our work, and his lasting words of wisdom to have fun while doing it.

At PROSOCO, which has been family-owned since our beginning in 1939, we’ve always been about more than just the chemicals and products we create for building better and safer structures. It's about the people who make up our team, the relationships we build, and the community we foster. Dave was an integral part of this family and exemplified the values we hold dear: dedication, innovation, and a deep commitment to service and quality.

As we continue to mourn the loss of Dave, we also celebrate his life and the countless contributions he made to PROSOCO and the building products industry. His spirit will forever be a part of our story of resilience, innovation, and the human connection that is the true foundation of our success. Dave made us who we are, and will be forever part of who we become. We’ll miss you, Dave.