Say Goodbye to Moisture: A Guide to the Best Waterproofing Solutions for Concrete

Concrete is a widely used material for building structures, from sidewalks and bridges to buildings and homes. As durable as it may seem, it isn’t immune to damage caused by moisture. When water seeps into the joints and cracks of concrete structures, it can lead to severe damage that’s expensive to fix.

The Dangers of Moisture in Concrete

Concrete is a chemical mixture that is porous when it dries. As a result, it can absorb moisture, which can lead to a variety of problems over time, including:

Concrete Deterioration

When water enters concrete, it can cause the concrete to deteriorate and become brittle. This deterioration can lead to cracks and breakage. Over time, this damage can weaken the structure and make it unsafe. It’s also incredibly expensive to repair.

Structural Damage

In severe cases, moisture in concrete can cause structural damage to a building. Water can cause steel reinforcements to corrode, which can compromise a building’s integrity and pose a serious safety hazard to occupants. Structural damage can also be expensive to repair, and often requires demolition and redevelopment.


How to Prevent Moisture in Concrete

Preventing moisture in concrete joints is essential to maintaining a structure’s integrity. This can be done in many ways, including waterproofing solutions, proper drainage, and regular maintenance. In fact, waterproofing solutions, such as sealants and coatings, are the ideal solutions to help prevent water from entering the joints and damaging your concrete.


Waterproof Solutions from PROSOCO

PROSOCO is a company that specializes in providing waterproofing solutions for concrete structures. They offer a wide range of incredible products, including sealants, coatings, and protective treatments that can help prevent moisture from entering concrete.


Sealants are an effective solution to prevent water from seeping into concrete joints. PROSOCO Siloxane PD is a penetrating water repellent that can protect concrete from water and salt damage. It can be applied to both new and old concrete structures and can provide long-lasting protection against moisture.


PROSOCO Natural Stone Treatment WB

PROSOCO Natural Stone Treatment WB Unlike conventional siloxane water repellents, Natural Stone Treatment WB is modified for effectiveness on most limestone, marble, and other calcareous surfaces. This product provides water-repellent protection superior to more common silane, siloxane, acrylic or metallic stearate water repellents. Natural Stone Treatment WB reduces the severity of biological staining common to regions with high relative humidity. Treated surfaces resist dark staining and degradation caused by fungal growth, mold and mildew.



PROSOCO SingleStep WB is an acrylic-silane blend for curing and weatherproofing new concrete in one easy step. SingleStep WB quickly penetrates to form a water-repellent gel in the pores and a semi-glossy film on the surface. This film helps keep concrete moist until it reaches maximum hardness. The cured concrete resists damaging water penetration, salts, and de-icer chemicals. Quick-curing SingleStep WB beads water after 24 hours. Water repellency of treated surfaces will increase for up to 72 hours.

    Protect Your Concrete with Waterproofing Solutions from PROSOCO


    Moisture can cause significant damage to concrete structures, so it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to prevent water from penetrating concrete. Whether you decide to use one of the waterproofing solutions mentioned above or all of them, your concrete will definitely be in the right shape to handle any amount of moisture.

    At PROSOCO, we have industry-leading waterproofing solutions and environmentally-conscious chemical engineering.

    Find a distributor near you today to learn where you can access our incredible products today!

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