R-Guard Installation Detail

Rough Opening

metal studs with gypsum sheathing/OSB sheathing/plywood

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Consolidate and seal the raw, cut gypsum board edges by brushing on a thin uniform coat of PorousPrep.



Apply FastFlash to all inside corners, joints and seams, and framing surfaces within the rough opening at aminimum of 12 mils.



Apply FastFlash over the framing inside the rough opening and the structural wall surrounding the rough opening. Use a dry joint knife, trowel or chipper brush to spread the wet product to create a seamless flashing membrane which protects the rough opening and extends a minimum of 4 inches over the face of the structural wall. Apply additional FastFlash as needed to create an opaque, monolithic flashing membrane free of voids or pinholes. Apply the selected R-Guard air and water-resistive barrier over the prepared sheathing at a minimum of 1" overlap of FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler with PROSOCO's primary air and water resistive barrier.



When stud framing is used in lieu of track, cover knockout with breakmetal and seal edges with FastFlash.

Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff
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