R-Guard Installation Detail

Pipe or Mechanical Penetrations

CMU/cast-in-place concrete wall construction

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Mechanically secure loose penetrations at the interior of the wall before detailing. Install non-gassing polyethylene foam backer rod backed by spray foam around electrical fixtures, conduit or plumbing to form a back dam.



Apply FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler around the penetration. Use a dry trowel or spatula to tool and seal the joint. Create a joint profile that directs bulk water away from the penetration.



Apply the selected R-Guard air- and water-resistive barrier over the prepared wall. Use a brush to cover the FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler that surrounds any mechanical penetrations. Apply sufficient product to cover the entire face of the structural wall and all exposed FastFlash or Joint & Seam Filler.

Ted Barnekoff - Air & Water Barriers, PROSOCO

Ted Barnekoff
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