Masonry Veneer-Tie

Cost-effective brick tie to secure air barriers and veneers

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Masonry Veneer-Tie

Cost-effective brick tie to secure air barriers and veneers

The PROSOCO Masonry Veneer-Tie anchor system combines a 3/16-inch-diameter wire tie with a base plate to provide adjustability, minimal free-play, strength, stiffness, positive connection and corrosion-resistant anchoring in masonry veneers. This system can achieve assembly stiffness greater than 63,000 pounds per inch in tension and 13,800 pounds per inch in compression. The system is designed to produce a single-positive connection using the center hole location to the backup structure with mechanical fasteners.

  • One-third less invasive than barrel-type ties; fewer breaches in the air and vapor barrier.
  • Provides excellent strength and performance in worst-case scenarios.
  • Large bearing area keeps compressive stresses low and minimizes localized crushing and damage to the sheathing and moisture barrier.
  • Can accommodate insulation thicknesses up to 4 inches.


The Masonry Veneer Tie is a patented wire tie and plate combination system which provides adjustability, minimal free-play, strength, stiffness, positive connection, and corrosion resistance. Using the patented WT Tie wire tie for reinforcement or the standard V Tie meets relevant veneer tie requirements of TMS 402. The anchor plate has been designed for mounting on the surface of sheathing or stud, and accommodates properly oriented insulation board without puncture. The vertical orientation of the Masonry Veneer Tie base plate assures good coverage of spray foam insulation. It prevents gaps found beneath horizontal plates, and doesn’t require secondary cleaning of spray foam insulation common to other adjustable tie systems.

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