Conveys moisture to building exteriors

  • CTP Weep-icks
  • CTP Weep-icks


Conveys moisture to building exteriors

PROSOCO Weep-icks, formerly called CTP Weep-icks, allow for easy evacuation of moisture or water from the cavity walls via drainage. They’re designed to ensure the wick is always in contact with the moisture, unlike other drainage devices that make it harder for water to exit the cavity. A stainless steel screen on the exterior portion of the Weep-ick prevents staining and keeps critters out of the wall.

  • Made of non-staining, non-corrosive materials.
  • Available in four sizes and options.
  • Contains 14 inches of wick to overlap in joint to assure moisture contact.
  • Fits 3/8-inch joints.


The Weep-icks enable brick veneer cavity walls to provide drainage at 24-inch centers for the evacuation of moisture or water from the cavity. The 8-chord, cotton-mop Weep-ick provides sufficient cord length so the moisture is always in contact with the wick. Unlike other drainage devices whereby the moisture must locate its exit, the capillary action of this wick escorts moisture from the cavity. The exterior portion of the weepick has a stainless steel screen in place to prevent critters from entering the cavity of the wall and to prevent staining caused by rust or discoloration of metallic screens.


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