Stone Anchors

Stainless steel anchors for stone veneer facades

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Stone Anchors

Stainless steel anchors for stone veneer facades

PROSOCO Stone Anchors, formerly called CTP Stone Anchors, is an anchoring method to attach dimensional stone panels or terra cotta to a backup parent structure of masonry, concrete, or stud. All stocked stone anchors are 1/8-inch-thick and packaged in a convenient stock-keeping quantity ready for same-day shipment anywhere in the United States. Other sizes and types of stone anchors are available upon request.

  • Spit-tail, L-strap, U-strap and Z-strap anchors are produced with a 5/16-inch hole for a masonry fastener.
  • Maximum thread length applied to J-bolts and eye-bolts for field adjustments.
  • Multiple sizes for multiple configurations.
  • Quick anchorage of coping stones.


CTP Stone Anchors offer wind-load resistance and are available in various configurations. The stone anchor assortment provides significant anchoring solutions for the securement of terra cotta, which requires hardware such as eyebolts and J bolts; dowels and L brackets common for coping anchorage. The anchors are packaged in convenient quantities with descriptive labeling. All strap anchors fit common 3/16"-1/4" kerfs.


Colleen Peters
Anchor Systems Support



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