Masonry Veneer Fastener

Torque-activated fastener assembly for masonry and concrete

  • CTP-516
  • CTP-516

Masonry Veneer Fastener

Torque-activated fastener assembly for masonry and concrete

The PROSOCO Masonry Veneer Fastener, formerly called CTP 516, is a brick-tie fastener assembly for masonry and concrete, with or without insulation. Ideal for brick cladding, the torque-activated system includes zinc-plates or stainless bolts with brass expanders. The complete assembly includes the Masonry Veneer-Tie base plate, WT-TIE and mechanical fastener for application to concrete and masonry structures.

  • Quick and easy installation with hand tools or screw guns.
  • Torque-activated, low-profile fastener available in galvanized or stainless steel options.
  • Only one fastener required per wall tie.
  • Requires a 3/8-inch pilot hole only 2 inches deep.


An ideal brick tie system for insulated and non-insulated cavity wall construction to an existing concrete or masonry structure. Requiring no adhesives, the fastener provides a low-profile projection so as not to develop air pockets beneath the insulation; the fastener is torque-activated for quality control and assurance methods of inspection. Tension and stiffness is compatible with the CTP 16 base plate capacity, and the same fastener works in hollow or grouted CMU, brick, concrete and tile materials requiring a new brick veneer.


Mike Brennan
16 years experience



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