How one contractor created an etched look on precast concrete

PROSOCO's Clay Witt, regional sales manager, and Kevin Gwinn of Tri-G Products, PROSOCO rep, recently visited the site of a new building for Kreg Tool in Ankeny, Iowa. The cleaning contractor, Bob's SW Construction Services, applied Sure Klean 600 in concentrate, or full strength, to the exterior precast concrete panels for a certain desired appearance and final finish.

Applying 600 in concentrate is not a standard application technique, but in Kevin's territory, especially in Iowa and Minnesota, he sees this method used fairly frequently. That's because it leaves an etched appearance on the precast. Check out the photos.

More details from Kevin:

Location: Kreg Tool / Ankeny, Iowa

Contractor: Bob’s SW Construction Services

Substrate: Precast Concrete Panels

Precast Manufacturer:  PDM Precast

Objective: Clean and provide an etched finish as final appearance

Products Used: Sure Klean 600 

The Details: 

“On this job the contractor is applying 600 in concentrate and utilizing a pressure washer at lower pressure 800-1000 psi at the tip with a 40 degree fan tip and a water volume around 10 + gpm. The precast panels are + or - 9000 psi so they are quite hard. The purpose is to clean the panel but also etch the panel. This is why the 600 is being used in concentrate on this project. There is no water repellent being used on this project at this time. With that said, the contractor and I are working on various precast companies to utilize a water repellent and/or graffiti protection on their precast. I can tell you from experience that the precast in Iowa some areas we may clean with 600 in Minnesota others we typically would use Custom Masonry Cleaner or Vana Trol. What has worked for me has been working with a contractor that specializes in cleaning masonry/concrete and providing on site test panels to dial it in.” – Kevin Gwinn, Tri-G Products


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