Dave Kimball

Dave Kimball offers to customers of PROSOCO’s R-Guard products the benefit of an education earned during an entire career with a renowned silicone manufacturer in Midland, Mich. That’s where he started work immediately after earning a degree in chemistry and worked for 34 years. After “retiring” from that career, he joined PROSOCO, where he now works as a specialist for PROSOCO’s building envelope group in the North Atlantic and Mid-West regions. He’s seen all kinds of challenges of rough opening preparation and air barriers all over the globe, including Mexico, Central America and South America. He has served on the SWR Institute board of directors and is current the co-chair for ABAA’s technical committee. He is also involved in ASTM, AIA, BEC, CSI, ICRI, FGIA and Passive House organizations.


Dave's favorite project: Custom home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.

It was a gorgeous spot, high up off the Atlantic Ocean – just incredible. It was my first time meeting (colleagues) Tom Lane and Shawn Desrosier. The project was using the whole PROSOCO R-Guard system - Joint & Seam Filler, FastFlash, and Cat 5. They wanted the rough opening corners to be pulled especially tight as they were also planning to use a zinc-coated copper pan. We suggested that they might want to reconsider that (thermal conductance), but they “didn’t hear” us. A year later, we heard that they were having problems with water condensing on the inside of the windows in the winter time. Hmmm. Anyway, Shawn did a great job of showing the contractors how to make the tight corners. It was a thing of beauty. It was a beautiful project, at a beautiful location, using beautiful products.