Abe Koury

An early education in construction trades helped Abe Koury understand the complex sequencing and collaborations required for success in construction. In high school, Koury worked as an engineering aide for the State of Rhode Island, where he worked on a variety of construction types, including roads and airports. During college, he worked in commercial construction for a major general contractor in the Boston, Mass., area. In this role, he completed all kinds of tasks, from mixing mortar to attending high-level meetings with all project team members. After one such meeting with a local manufacturer of EIFS – a fairly new technology at the time, they offered Koury a job. His interest in new technologies piqued in this new role, where he specialized in project detail creation, assistance with technical literature, internal technical assistance, project visits and claim resolution. After the company was acquired by a larger company, Koury stayed on and advanced to lead a team of field personnel. In 2004, Koury accepted a position at Sto Corp, where he added product testing and code recognition to his experience. In 2015, he joined PROSOCO as its Technical Specialist for the Building Envelope Group, supporting customers all along the U.S. Southeast and Atlantic regions.


Abe's favorite project: The Gates, Columbia, S.C.

This one is my favorite due to the many challenges encountered with the removal of existing exterior wall claddings in occupied spaces and the complexity of non-conventional detailing using PROSOCO R-Guard materials.